About Us


(Managing Director)

Ashtapathy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was formed six years back by one of the leading business magnates in the middle east. Mr. Mohammed Babu (Managing Director) as he is very passionate about bringing out the ancient science of Ayurveda as a solution for modern life beauty concepts.

He is also the Managing Director of Redsea Arabia Trading Company LLC, a leading import and export firm in the middle east for the past 20 years.


(GM and Director)

As an expert in strategic marketing and risk management, Mr. Adhal has proven to be the most vital pillar of Ashtapathy. With a broad vision, he got essential skills in transformational leadership. Also, he has the legacy of serving the managerial positions in a highly successful manner. High academic qualifications and the vast inequitable proficiency and experience in various sectors like finance, sales and marketing, and operations is the most priceless asset that makes him a leading expert.



Mr. Bazid is a skilled coordinator and is good at managing projects while assisting other managerial tasks. A good understanding of the company’s system along with a proactive behavior makes him an integral part of the firm. 

With the vision of a coordinated team work, he has invested immense efforts to create the right rapport among employees to create the best output and make use of the complete potential of each employee.

Our Mission

To propagate the idea of leading a harmonious life as a solution to the healthcare issues that are addressed today and ensure the emperical scientific evidence for it.

Our vision

The absolute cure for every problem lies in Nature, It is us who ought to understand problems and find solutions by optimizing our lifestyles and bring about a harmony.