Sulphate and Paraben free range of products prepared from medicinal herbs through a 100% natural process with the guidance of ancient Ayurveda scriptures. A 5000 year old lineage can never go wrong. Nor can the testimonies of millions who swear by its astonishing effects on the body and mind. When the whole world is just waking up to the phenomenon of leaning towards nature, Indians have already had a legacy of caring and nurturing the body and mind with elements found in the nature. With Ayus meaning LIFE and Ved connoting KNOWLEDGE, Ayurveda has stood the test of time with its holistic curative and beautifying properties. This ancient science has an answer to all your beauty needs from head to toe. Ashtapathy strives to bring you this magic.


On all international orders of INR 9,999/- and above, and on all domestic orders of INR 475/- and above.

Natural ingredients

We harness the power of plant extracts as a part of our commitment to using naturally effective and sustainably sourced ingredients to achieve superior results organically.

Made with love

Enjoy our high quality luxury ayurvedic products that are made with love and care

100% ayurvedic

Our products are certified 100% natural and inspired by Ayurveda recipes by the ministry of AYUSH. We conform to the highest quality control standards.